welcome to "who do you love?" or rather "who do you love this week?". this site follows in the tradition of other similar "photomemes" where we announce a theme every week and ask you to submit one photo that you have taken and think matches the gist of the theme. if you don't have a photo that does, you have one week to take a picture and still join in on the fun. the challenge part comes in where the community (you!) picks the winners of that week by voting for its favorites. and then the next week a new theme is announced

and while you are here, tell the community about you. fill in your profile and see others'.

how does it work?

  • every Wednesday a new theme is announced.
  • you submit a photo that you think best suits the theme
  • you vote for photos submitted by others
  • at the end of the week, votes are tallied
  • the top three winners are announced

some things to note

  • how to submit: this is important. we do NOT store images. so what you submit must be a URL. it can be a URL to an image or to a page with the image. if you are familiar with permalinks, yes - those are good

    luckily there are loads of options to store pictures on the web - flickr, Smug Mug, photobucket - to name a few. however, it's a lot more fun if you have your own photoblog. there are options for that too - ask your provider to set up pixelpost for you or you could host with animus3

  • content of photos: this is also important. :-) we know this is art and all but if the content of a photo is deemed offensive, it will be deleted. we are pretty liberal and all of us should have a sense of humor, but let's make this fun and not work (by making us monitor what is submitted).


photography is a fun hobby. i got into it last year and spent a lot of time taking pictures (and an equally large amount of time post processing!). i also spent time online reading up about it - there's a whole universe of photography related sites and resources on the web, but the best part was (and still is) just looking at this amazing quality of pictures people have taken and created. and around the same time i started participating in various photomemes on the web, which, i think, is a lot of fun. there's a photomeme for each day of the week. but there was a gap on Tuesday (that site's being renovated, i think), so i thought i'll try and write something up to fill in the gap. but now there's another one on Tuesday, so this site is going to be a second option for folks on Wednesday. most of all, this gave me a reason to learn how to develop in RoR.

so what's up with the title?

who do you love? well, there's this song by this title that i like. listen to it here - george thorogood - youtube. relevance? i don't know - there could be. if you think about it. for a few minutes. no? :-)

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