Interviewed on 05/18/2011 at 04:23AM

tell us a bit about you and where you are from?

I live in Calgary Alberta Canada; love people, and traveling, and I find that having a camera in hand opens lots of doors, and hearts! It gives me something to talk to with people, "may I take your picture while you work?" "having you on the bench makes the pictures........ having a camera makes me stop and really look at things more carefully, to sit and watch what is going on,

how and when did you get interested in photography?

I first remember picking up a camera at school, and learning about the dark room, watching photo develop right in front of me. without the resources at home for a camera and film or developing the school camera equipment was a big bonus. Photography has been an interest most of my life, but it is only last few years that I have given it the time, attention and energy that makes it satisfying.

what are two of your favorite photos that you have taken?

this was a hard question. not all my favorite photos are on the blog!
venice panorma:

brooklyn bridge:

which photographers works do you like?

there are lots of photographers that I will check out and see what they are doing, Chris Orwig, and David duChemin would be the two I have followed the most consistently.

your favorite photobloggers that you follow?

see above.

what kind of equipment do you use?

Canon, Eos Rebel, and 5D, and I have several lenses and speedlight flash.

do you have any formal training?

I have participated in a few workshops, and the local camera club, but mostly I am self taught.

do you use software to touch up photos? what do you use?

photoshop cs 4

what kind of pictures do you love to take?

I love people - portraits, mostly casual, I am not fond of the traditional posed, studio photography. Travel, still life and food. Flowers, they are their own form of still life. Photography gives me an opportunity to really look, see and experience what is in front of me. It is my way of learning and seeing. So I will photograph just about anything in front of me. I have had the most trouble photographing people, because I find that putting the camera up to my eye cuts off the communication, and the conversation, so I am slowly becoming more comfortable with this.

what inspires you?

what inspires you? sunrise, smiles, the idea of finding beauty and showing it to people. It all sounds very corny, but there is beauty and we are often so busy with our daily routine that we don't see it, this is my way of "stopping to smell the roses" again, could I possibly sound any more corny!

where do you want to take your photography? publishing a book?

I haven't given long term goals a lot of thought. in the short term, getting some of my travel photo published; as well I have explored doing some wedding photography, I like the idea of doing small intimate events, rather than the mega events. I do enjoy working with couples doing engagement photos as well.

what else would you like to tell us?

I do work full time, at this point in my life my photography is still very much a serious hobby/obsession.

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