Interviewed on 05/25/2011 at 02:48PM

tell us a bit about you and where you are from?

I'm an American living abroad, in Morocco. I'm a mom, a musician, and a mathematician.

how and when did you get interested in photography?

I began photography as a way to more fully experience the adventure of my life, and to share it with others. I've only had my DSLR a year. My daughter began photography several years ago and has been a great example to me.

what are two of your favorite photos that you have taken? urls?

I think of my photographs as my children, and become very attached to them - so it is very difficult to choose! I aim to capture how I felt when creating the image, and I think these two represent examples of that - each time I look at them I immediately feel the pulse of the place.

which photographers works do you like?

Unfortunately, being so new to photography, I can't say that I'm familiar with specific photographers' work. Thank you for the new challenge, though! note to self: learn about photographers!

your favorite photobloggers that you follow?

My experience has been somewhat limited to aminus3 bloggers, since that is the community I've chosen to join. I've only recently expanded to include other photo memes and become more familiar with others' work.

On aminus3 I have from the beginning admired Céline's talent and work, and have learned so much by participating in her (and Louloupix's) site Photoblogchallenges.

I also admire the work of Rosa Frei, especially her work in Morocco.

And finally, I love the post processing work of Marzia.

what kind of equipment do you use?

I have a 'starter' Nikon D3000, with a kit 18-55mm lens and a prime 50mm f/1.4

do you have any formal training?

No, only reading and a lot of trial and error! I ask my daughter a lot of questions, too, as do I with other aminus3 members... I hope they don't mind my constant "how did you...."

do you use software to touch up photos? what do you use?

Yes, I use Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom is for touchup, and Photoshop is for play :-D. In middle school I took an art class that had a unit on photography, and I view the post processing like the dark room experiments that we learned from.

what kind of pictures do you love to take?

I love to take pictures that communicate what I'm experiencing. If I come in contact with a person that touches me, I want to capture the emotions of having met them. If I see a new and exotic place, I like to share the the feelings that emerge. If there is a smell or a taste I want to remember, I try to represent that visually as well.

what inspires you?

I'm inspired by communication, and by relationships between people. I do not have the gift of words, so I hope to communicate via my photos.

where do you want to take your photography? publishing a book?

Being such a newbie, it is difficult to say where I want to take this. I am thoroughly enjoying the learning process, and especially the interactions with others as I admire their work and receive recognition for mine. For now, that's enough - for the future, who knows!!

what else would you like to tell us?

Words can not express how honored I am to have been invited for an interview. Maybe I can begin to call myself a photographer now?

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